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The Age of Fishes Museum aims to stimulate and develop a students interest in fossils and broaden their understanding of how fossils tell us about the different kinds of organisms that lived on the earth and how they have replaced one another over geological time.

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The Takeaway Fish is our travelling education program and includes hands on activities, casts, latex and real rocks. Like all our education programs it is flexible and can be adapted to suit the age group that we are working with.


Other Educational Tours with Gondwana Dreaming and Mid Lachlan Landcare. To book with our affiliates click on links below.

 Gondwana Dreaming:

 Mid Lachlan Landcare:

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School Holidays mean Kids Activity Days for all the family. Creative, educational and inspirational fun for all ages. Bring a picnic.

We offer an impressive variety of events and exhibitions, visit us today and come see what we are all about.

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The Age of Fishes Museum offers visitors and exciting range of permanent exhibitions and activities, occasional traveling exhibitions and well presented additional facilities, such as a well stocked gift shop, a regional VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE, as well as shaded picnic tables, a timeline walk, giant board games and fossil dig pits for young visitors.

Visitors are encouraged to allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours for their visit to the Museum.


The Museum is open 7 days per week (Christmas Day and morning of Anzac Day excepted) from 10 AM to 4 PM. Other times by arrangement.


On display at the Museum are the best examples of the fish fossils so far recovered from the site but stand by for further developments there is a plan to reopen the site and who knows what other exciting finds will then be made including possibly a complete early tetrapod (an ancestor of modern 4-footed, vertebrate, air breathing animals).


Visitors are able to get close-up and personal with the actual fossils on display and even touch them! Come and pay a visit and learn more about fossils, geology and evolution from one of the most iconic and unique fossil discoveries on Earth.

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