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The Age of Fishes Museum aims to stimulate and develop a students interest in fossils and broaden their understanding of how fossils tell us about the different kinds of organisms that lived on the earth and how they have replaced one another over geological time.

Earth and Environmental Science is presented in an easy to follow and entertaining way, designed to engage students' imagination and increase their skills in observing measuring, interpreting, communicating, researching and recording.

Learning outcomes vary with age and length of visit and will be influenced by the level of prior knowledge and pre-visit preparation.

Program content may include:

  • Environmental changes on Earth over geological time and the effects on living organisms.

  • How fossils are formed and how we can use them to interpret the history of life on the Earth.

  • Survival and extinction of species

  • Evolution,Natural Selection and the diversity of living things

  • Natural Selection

  • Transitional forms- eg. how fishes with fins evolved into fish with feet and invaded the land.

  • Geological history and the Devonian period


Visits and information are tailored to meet the student learning needs and ages.

The Age of Fishes Museum has a range of information programs. Resources and workbooks for Kindergarten to Year 12 have been developed to assist teachers. These will be emailed or forwarded to the school on confirmation of booking.

Teachers planning an educational group visit are invited to a free visit to the museum to preview the amazing things we have on offer.

Groups please book in advance.

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