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 This fun building set features a book with plant-related facts and activities.

Build 4 Models: Greenhouse, Ox-driven Plough, Cube, Gearbox

Recommended Age: Ages 8-14


The Stem set of Greenhouse entertains kids with constructing four different models with the use of 292 plastic parts. A booklet is included with pictures and inspiring facts about the lifecycle of plants, the process of photosynthesis and how a greenhouse creates the ideal environmental conditions for plant growth. The Quiz and the available online experiments help children discover all the scientific principles through experimentation on how plants grow and what can we can do to optimize conditions for them to grow! Interactive 3D building instructions are available online and through the free Engino kidCAD app for smartphones/tablets (Android and iOS devices).

Children can play while also practicing Computer Aided Design skills (CAD), by zooming in and out each model, rotating them in 3D space, even exploding to see how components connect to each other. Printed instructions for the Greenhouse model are also included. This set is specially designed to be both creative and educational, unleashing children's imagination and foster learning through a fun way.

STEM Heroes Greenhouse

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