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Successful "discovery " day at the fossil locality

Aleysha and I are pleased to announce progress on multiple fronts.

With the participation and enthusiastic support from the AOFM staff and volunteers, we held a successful "discovery " day at the fossil locality. Several willing workers, over-represented by the female gender, pulled out vegetation and turned over rocks in "Schliemann's Trench" a service corridor dug decades ago. The idea was to locate the intersection of the fossil bearing strata further up the hill, away from the roadside. Although this was not achieved, the exercise helped establish future minimally destructive exploratory strategies. The day was covered by Hugh Hogan of ABC Orange and we can expect some TV viewing time.

The AOFM Association sponsored an evening talk at the local RSL club. This was fully subscribed and successful in re-establishing community interest in the geological attractions present in their own backyard. There was good representation by councillor Jenny Weaver and museum staff, which bodes well for future cooperative advancement of the project as one of Australia's premier fossil localities.

As we move forward, it is imperative that young people are involved. Towards that goal, we will approach the principals of local schools, to endorse some talks. All children in the area should become aware of the rich biological and geological past, beneath their feet.

Repairs to our storm damaged house are proceeding and we will permanently reside at Kalang from July 2022, which should accelerate site progress.

David & Aleysha McGrath

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